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NPK 6-0-1

Vegetable Origin Granules are obtained from humified peat with high quality mineral nutrients. Use of humified peat of plant origin distinguishes vegetable origin granules from the majority of similar fertilizers available in the market. Vegetbale origin granules are beneficial to crops & soil both. Moreover it is free from contaminants & it is an optimum source of nutrients for the plants & ensures the utmost efficiency. These granules bring organic Nitrogen & revitalize the activity of microorganisms in the soil, thereby ensuring that the organic matter & nutrients are used in the best possible way.







Items Result
 Vegetative Amino ≥10%
Organic Matter ≥20%
N ≥6%
P2O5 0
K2O ≥1%
pH 7



 Complete food for crops

 Increases yield ,stops flower & fruit drop.

 Improves quality crops,enhances protein synthesis.

 Improves soils physical & chemical conditions.

 Use with other fertilizer.It is an eco friendly product. Well used for any irrigation system or foliar application.







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HUNAN WORLDFUL AGROTECH CO, LTD located in changsha city, Hunan province started the business from 2006, we have been focusing on manufacturing organic fertilizers and chemicals related to agriculture, and animal feed for more than 12 years As aresult of our hard working, we have become the top and the best supplier for camellia saponin products, amino acid organic granule fertilizers and humic acid series products in China, and also male huge progress to supply the best nutrients and solutions for plants& anImals. Every year, we export around 80, 000 tons of our products to more than 30 countries and still keep arapid growth.



We are always committed to prowide the best product and protessional service to our customers, and we will continuously loot for ways to achieve daily improvements on production, customer satisfaction and high pertormance in all areas of our business. 


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